Our StoryWelcome to the Russian Bluez

Who We Are We are invested in making
an incredible place

Our staff spends time interacting with and monitoring the pets to ensure their safety and happiness while they are with us.

We are a small but reputable cattery, located just North of Cleveland Ohio along the southern shore of Lake Erie
Our breeding program is devoted to the Russian Blue Breed only.  We take pride in our practice of breeding to CFA show standards.

Established in the year 2016, we have made great strides in establishing a excellent foundation line of cats.  We have national champions in our family line.  And our goal is to produce cats that are healthy, well- adjusted with excellent temperament and beauty.

We are a hobby class breeder; we may occasionally have kittens available to be placed into loving homes.  There is an application process, and usually a waiting list.  So please be patient with us, this breed of cat is well worth the wait…

About Russian Blues

Russian Blue is a short-haired cat. It is fine-boned, and it has graceful
lines. The coat is, blue with silver tipping on each hair that gives a
lustrous appearance, and the coat is thick and plush. The eyes are
round with slight elongation on the sides and areas vividly green as
possible at maturity.

Personality and Temperament

Russian Blue cats are intelligent, quiet, and sensitive. They are clean
and shed very little. They make excellent pets for those who might
have allergies to other breeds. People with asthma have preferred the
Russian Blue because of its lower level of dander.

They love to play with small toys around the house, and enjoy jumping
and climbing, but, unlike some other playful breeds, Russians are
rarely destructive. Because they are intelligent, can train with people to
perform simple tasks as throwing toys so that they can retrieve them.

They are agile, light-footed cats who may seem to fly around the house with
the grace of a dancer.

Russian Blues can easily bond with people and are loyal to those who love them, frequently following them from room to room to be near them. Russians show their affection in a variety of ways. Some enjoy leaping onto the shoulder of people and riding there. They are sensitive and look genuinely hurt when forthcoming to show affection and are put aside

Because the basic temperament of Russian Blues ranges from slightly
reserved to quietly shy, they can be cautious or nervous around strangers. Russians prefer to take their time to investigate with new people.

It pays off to put time into developing an affectionate relationship with a Russian Blue. People who have known other breeds often remark on the special close and deep bonding that they feel with their Russians

Showing Russian Blues

Some Russians seem to enjoy showing, and most will tolerate showing, especially if it is done on a regular basis starting when they are kittens.  However, under the stress of a show, they can become frightened and upset.


Russian Blues are healthy cats, and with proper diet, exercise, veterinary care, and affection, they can live well into their teens and beyond. There are no genetic problems associated specifically with the Russian Blue, and as a breed, they are prone to any illnesses.



Showing Russian Blues


The Russian Blue is a domestic breed that has been known by several names and has many stories of origin.  It is a natural breed (that is, it is not the result of crossings with other breeds).