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Dimensions – 15.25” x 12” x 16.5”



Your cat will LOVE the new Kitty Kasa Gym Cube comes with a sturdy sisal scratching post your cat will use everyday! Fits securely with the Kitty Kasa Duro Bedroom and Duro Recreation models for instant stack-ability. Virtually indestructible and easy to clean. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

*Note* Duro Bedroom & Recreation models in the colors Teal, Taupe, New Pink, Lime Green, Dark Grey & White are compatible with each other as well as with Standard models.

Duro Gym models are only compatible with each other as well as Blue, Orange & Light Grey Duro Bedrooms & Recreations.  

If you are unsure on if the colors you want are compatible, please email info@kittykasas.com to verify



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The Russian Blue is a domestic breed that has been known by several names and has many stories of origin.  It is a natural breed (that is, it is not the result of crossings with other breeds).